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Ohayou! (Good morning!)

あさごはん (Breakfast)

あさごはん (Breakfast)

あさごはん  –  Asa gohan  –  Breakfast (Asa gohan literally means “morning food”, doesn’t get any simpler than that!)

This is pretty much what a typical Japanese breakfast would look like. There’s usually a bowl of rice, miso soup and some fish along with some other extras. Yes, we eat those for practically every meal and it never gets old. Although we do like to change things up a bit and have a bit more of a western type breakfast such as your usual eggs, toast and sausage/bacon.

Such as this one right here!

See! There's egg!

See! There's egg!

As you can see, we have rice even with our western version of breakfast. We Japanese people can’t go on without rice and tend to malfunction without it so we need it to keep on living. All kidding aside, we have regular western breakfasts like I just mentioned but we just have the best of both worlds at times 😛

For today’s lesson, we’ll be looking at common greatings and good byes.

おはようございます。  –   Ohayou gizaimasu.  –  Good morning.  (Formal)

おはよう!  –  Ohayou!  –  G’morning!  (informal)

こんにちは。  –  Konnichi wa.  –  Good afternoon.

こんばんは。  –  Konban wa.  –  Good evening.

おひさしぶりですね!  –  Ohisashiburi desu ne!  –  It’s been a long time! / I haven’t seen you for a long time!  (This is somewhat neutral, you could take out the “O” and “desu ne” to make it informal)

しばらくですね。  –  Shibaraku desu ne.  – It’s been a while. (Informal)

しつれいします。  –  Shitsurei shimasu.  –  Goodbye/If you’d excuse me. (Literally it means excuse me and can be used for that as well. Formal)

じゃ/では また!  –  Ja (or Dewa) Mata!  –  See you later!  (You can also just say “Ja” or “Dewa” on their own but it’s very informal.)

さようなら。  –  Sayounara  –  Goodbye.

おやすみなさい。  –  Oyasuminasai  –  Good night.

and that about covers our little lesson on greetings for today!

Until next time, ja!

(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ マタネー♪

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  1. Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!
    Where do you hail from in Jpan?

    • ohh~ Shizuoka! I have some family there 🙂
      I’m from Gunma Japan!
      Do you work as a chef? Haha vous etes Francais!
      J’ai vécu en France pendant 5 ans 🙂


  2. Gunma!
    I’ve been ther quite a few times, especially Kiryu!
    No, I’m not a chef, just a teacher and freelance-writer!
    Ou avez-vecu en France?

    • Ohh I see! Haha Kiryu is a nice place. What do you teach? Sounds pretty interesting that you’re also a freelance-writer.
      J’habitai à Valenciennes et Lille 🙂
      Maintenant je suis aux States.
      Nice to meet a fellow multilingual person! Also the same languages haha.

  3. Wow! I heard about japanese breakfast but… never had the chance to try it.

    Well… I “think” I’d truly miss my typical french breakfast. I NEED coffee in the morning 😀

    • Ahhh yeah! I know what you mean. I’m the same way too now ;_;
      I think some Japanese people might find it a bit odd since they would drink tea with their breakfast… and with anything else. But I still think coffee is the number one for morning drinks 😉

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