Posted by: greatteachersato | September 24, 2009

Tokyo Game Show 2009

This one is for the gamers out there. For those of you that don’t know about the Tokyo Game Show or TGS, it’s pretty much the Japanese version of the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) we have here every summer.

This year’s TGS was quite eventful, especially if you’re more into RPG’s and what not. Square Enix made a bunch of announcements on upcoming games,  from Kingdom Hearts “Birth By Sleep” to two mobile phone Kingdom Hearts titles that will be released exclusively to the superior Japanese cellphones that will probably never see a day of light over here (If we do then hurray for us!), more on FFXIII due to come out this Christmas holiday in Japan and spring of 2010 over here in the States and Europe and also PSP’s FFXIII Agito.

Speaking of PSP’s, they announced a price drop of 15% on the PSP 3000 models. It’s going to be around 16,500yen so that’ll roughly be about $180 dollars here. So if you were planning on buying a PSP anytime soon, stop right there and wait a little!

On the side note, Nintendo also announced that they will be cutting down prices on Wii consoles from 25,000yen to 20,000.  It should be dropping its price down to $199 here in the states this coming Sunday.

If you read all that then you’re probably just as big a geek I am and also that much awesome 😉

Now for the lesson!

I will teach you how to count to Ten thousand in Japanese. It’s pretty simple, you just have to remember the exceptions and you’re set.

1  いち  –  Ichi
2  に  –  Ni
3  さん  –  San
4  し/よん  –  Shi/Yon
5  ご  –  Go
6  ろく  –  Roku
7  しち/なな  –  Shichi/Nana
8  はち  –  Hachi
9   きゅう/く  –  Kyuu/Ku
10  じゅう  –  Juu

100  ひゃく  –  Hyaku

1000  せん /いっせん  –  Sen/Issen

10000  いちまん  –  Ichi-man

for “11” you have to think of it like…. “Ten + one”

11 じゅういち  –  Juu ichi

Here are a few random numbers :

125  ひゃくにじゅうご  –  Hyaku ni juu go

3562 さんまんごひゃくろくじゅうに  –  Sanzen go hyaku roku juu ni

18793 いちまんはっせんななひゃくきゅうじゅうさん  –  Ichi-man hassen nana hyaku kyu juu san (Might look hard but you’ll get a hang of it!)

Here are a few exceptions!

300 さんびゃく (it’s not ‘sanhyaku’, it’s ‘sanbyaku’)

3000 さんぜん (it’s not ‘sansen’, it’s ‘sanzen’)

600 ろっぴゃく (it’s not ‘rokuhyaky’, it’s ‘roppyaku’)

800 はっぴゃく (it’s not ‘hachihyaku’, it’s ‘happyaku’)

8000 はっせん (it’s not ‘hachisen’, it’s ‘hassen’)

That’s it for today folks! Feel free to ask any questions regarding numbers or anything video game related 😛



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