Posted by: greatteachersato | February 3, 2010

Possible new island in Japan?

From Yomiuri,

A coast guart patrol vessel detected an underwater volcanic eruption Wednesday morning in the Pacific Ocean close to Minami-Iwoto island in Ogasawaramura, Tokyo.

Some Japanese Coast Guards based in Yokohama noticed some white smoke rising from the sea, about 5km northeast of the island.

There has been speculation that the eruption could form a new island. It was the first time in about 5 years snce the last time any volcanic smoke had been detected in the area (about 1,200 km south of central Tokyo).

According to the announcement, the volcano spewed ash and smoke about 100 meters into the air, and the surrounding sea area changed to a yellow-green color while other parts became a cloudy gray.

The volcano, known as Fukutokuokanoba has erupted seven times since 1904 when its activites were first recorded. On three occasions, land masses were formed, but all later sank below the waterline.

Now wouldn’t that be something if it ends up being some sort of new island? Of course even if it does, it wouldn’t be able to support any civilization on it but who knows, maybe after a couple decades, centuries or so.

Today’s lesson :
火山 = かざん (Kazan) = Volcano
海 = うみ (Umi) = Sea
煙 = けむり (Kemuri) = Smoke
島 = しま (Shima) = Island

That’s it for now, I’ll be posting more to my blog soon so stay tuned 🙂
Have a good one readers!

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