Posted by: greatteachersato | February 12, 2010

お笑い (Owarai) Comical skits

The Japanese have a different style of comedy compared to the rest of the world. A bit unique but not to the point where you wouldn’t get any of it. Of course some of it would have references that only other Japanese people would get but usually it’s simple comedy such as slapstick stuff we’re all used to. There are a wide range of comedians in Japan that makes things interesting. One of my recent favorite Japanese comedian is Jinnai Tomonori. His style is a bit different over there but they’re always great. His skits usually involve something on a screen or a setting like in a theatrical play. You’d have to see it for yourself and enjoy it to see what I mean 😛

For today’s lesson!
お笑い = (Owarai) = Comical story/skit.
大笑い = (Oowarai) = Great laughter or burst of laughter. The two words sound similar but this one has an extra “O”.
コメディ = Comedy
w = lol (If you’ve ever wondered why you see random w’s at the end of Japanese sentences, it’s their version of lol.
ワロタ = (Warota) = I laughed or lol’d, past tense.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed 😀

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