Posted by: greatteachersato | August 21, 2010

Hikikomori is Now an Official Word of the English Language

You might’ve heard the word “Hikikomori” somewhere before. Literally, it means pulling away, being confined. It pretty much means “Anti-Social”. It’s been a social phenomenon in Japan in recent history and has been hitting other countries as well. The word has been used as English slang for a while now for those that are familiar with its meaning. It has been revealed that it is now a word on the Oxford Dictionary according to Oxford University Press, the dictionary’s publisher.

Other words that have been included recently are “vuvuzela” (which I’m sure most of you guys have heard of during the world cup.); “bromance,” a close but non sexual relationship between two men or more. “otaku” which loosely means nerd or geek in Japanese and “karoshi,” death from overworking.

The Japanese language has been contributing to the English language as we know it for some time, although not as much as other western languages. The word Karaoke (literally “empty orchestra) is originally Japanese as well. The more you know!

The anime on top is from N.H.K. ni youkoso (Welcome to the N.H.K.) It’s about a hikikomori boy and his life in a downward spiral until he meets a girl that tries to help him out of his hikikomori ways. I recommend any of you interested in the hikikomori phenomenon or just to have something fun to watch to check it out sometime!

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