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Doumo Hard Gay deeeesu!



Many of you may or may not be familiar with Hard Gay a.k.a.  Razor Ramon Sumitani. He was a famous Japanese comedian from a few years ago and still remains to be popular. He’s known for wearing his extravagant S&M outfit going around town hip-thrusting the air. Contrary to his looks, he’s actually a good guy and always wants to help others.

Let’s start with the principals of every new language, introductions.

In Japanese :

サト :”はじめまして~ サトです!”  (Hajimemashite~ Sato desu!)

ジョン :”はじめまして!ジョンです。” (Hajimemashite! John desu.)

サト :”どうぞよろしく!” (douzo yoroshiku!)

ジョン :”よろしく~” (yoroshiku~)

In English :

Sato : “Nice to meet you~ I’m sato!”

John : “Nice to meet you! I’m John.”

Sato :  “It’s a great pleasure to meet you!”

John : “It’s a pleasure.”

This would probably be the most common way one would introduce themselves in Japan.

“Hajimemashite” literally means it’s the first time we meet. “Douzo Yoroshiku” means please regard me favorably. They are set phrases that go hand to hand together when meeting someone for the first time.  As you can see, Sato is being more formal by using “Douzo”. You use it when being more polite as if you’re talking to a boss, teacher, an older person or simply just to be more polite.

John says “Yoroshiku” alone which is fine and wouldn’t be considered impolite unless he’s talking to any of a certain person that fits under the ones I just mentioned. It is on a more friendly level.

The word “Desu” corresponds to the verb to be (am, are, is, etc., depending on the context.)

As the caption says “Domo Hard Gay Desu” is another way of presenting yourself but in a rather flashy way, such as to a crowd. “Doumo” is another way to say thank you so that would translate to something like “I’m Hard Gay! Thank you, thank you!”

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Posted by: greatteachersato | September 22, 2009

Hello world!

Hello, nice to meet you all.

I’m making this blog for Japanese lessons and tidbits of miscellaneous information about Japan, Japanese people and their culture. I will soon be teaching different levels of the Japanese language from beginner to beginner-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. I will update this blog with things such as foods, gaming, sports, different kinds of media info along with little Japanese lessons with every post. This will be my first step of my journey to becoming the greatest Japanese teacher of the internet.

Enjoy your stay!


Yoroshikune! (Best regards!)


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